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How does the Loco app make money?

Loco (formerly called Showtime App) which was recently acquired by Sequoia Capital-backed digital media company Pocket Aces, they already notched more than 1,20,000 Google play downloads.
Loco inspired by HQ Trivia(the US App started in August 2017) is India’s first interactive game show app where contestants can win real money.
Loco invites users to play a quiz in real-time and lets them earn “real cash” if they answer all questions correctly, is only a month-old but it is quickly winning users in the country. Developed by three former employees of learning platform Unacademy, Loco holds two 15-minute live-streamed quiz sessions each weekday(1:30 pm and 10 pm) and one each on weekend(10 pm). The premise is simple: you play, they pay.
And to your answer, they aren’t monetizing yet as their focus is on making it a bigger platform and resolving all the glitches and issue they are having.
However, they will definitely in near future, these can be the possible ways of earning
Third Party Adds: Plain and Simple, shows adds from third-party providers like AdMob and every time that add is shown or clicked you make some money.
Subscriptions : Offer some premium options to paid members and charge a fee for it.
Consumer Data : In some cases, if you have a segregated data about your customers you can sell them to people who need such data and charge a fee for it.
One more Option that is specific to Loco is “Paid Quiz” where they charge sponsors to run a personalised quiz campaign to market their products/services.
Hope it will help you :)


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