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Call Anonymous Free Calling (Unlimited Trick) 100% working 2018

Call Anonymous Free Calling (Unlimited Trick)
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Hi, guys today I am gonna share an amazing trick which can be used for calling Internationally free yes it's real call anonymous without sharing your number to the person you are calling. To do this you just need an android device.

Step to Make free Calling Anonymous Without revealing your original Number:-

Step 1:-  Open Play Store and search for an app named "Voxofone" And Download it

Step 2:-  Open the app and click on I am new to Voxofon

Step 3:-  Then select your country and type your number

Step 4:-  When the new windows appears fill the email id and password column and then click on sign up

Step 5:-  Then go to the tab KEYPAD and dial the number which you want to call in International format like calling India should be include +91 before the number

Tip:-  At first call some of you'r number as it's my experince it do not connect at once and then try the other number which you really want's to connect
Many times it's give +301,+401,+501 e.t.c number also

Unlimited trick

Step 1:- Firstly Click on the three dot

Step 2:- And then click Logout

And Then Enter new number and email and then you again get 10 credit
As it do not verify try fake number and email id
Enjoy :) 2018


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