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How To Increase Copy Paste Speed in Windows

Do you want to increase your copy paste speed in Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista? Yes now you can boost the speed of copy paste in your windows by simple way. Check it out below.

You might get tired of slow speed of copy paste in Windows, especially when copying the large file. But now you will learn How to Boost the Copy Paste Speed in your Windows PC. Not only the matter of speed in copying the files, but also you can pause and resume the copy paste process as well.

How To Increase Copy Paste Speed in Windows
First of all you need to install TeraCopy software in order to boost the copy paste speed. TeraCopy enhances and boost the copy paste speed at maximum rate. It uses systems features to optimize the copy paste speed.

Download TeraCopy to Increase Copy Paste Speed
Click on below button to download link of TeraCopy software, which will ultimately increase your copy paste speed.
Tera copy  (click here)
Features of TeraCopy
After installation, TeraCopy will be your default copy paste handler for copying and pasting the files. You don’t need to do anything, TeraCopy will take care of rest. One of the most amazing features of TeraCopy is that you can pause and resume the file while copy paste. This option is not available in Windows old versions, prior Windows 8.
But now with TeraCopy, you can pause the copy paste in all versions of Windows. Another great feature is that it will shutdown automatically after the copy paste is complete. Suppose if you are copying a large file, which might take long duration, then you can set auto shutdown option when your copy is completed.
Some Key Features of TeraCopy
- Auto Shutdown Feature
- Copy Paste Speed Booster
- Pause and Resume Copy Paste
- Increasing Copying and Pasting Speed at High Rate
- Faster Moving Files from One Place to Another
- Integrated Support for All Windows
- Complete Recovery from Error
- Default Handler for Increasing Copy Speed in Windows
Feel free to let us know if you faces any issues regarding download or enhancing the speed of copy paste.
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