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How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards – FIXED 100%

How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards  ? – Have you forgotten your Memory Card Password and want to Unlock it without Formatting the Memory Card ? – Don’t Worry Just Go through this post and all your problems will be resolved within a few minutes.Memory Cards are the Most Widely Used Secondary Storage Devices generally found in Smartphones,Tablets or Camera’s for Storing Your Personal Data or any other Important Information.Now all the Latest Smartphones or Tablets comes with an External SD Memory Card Support for Storing extra data on your Devices.We Use memory cards for storing music,videos,movies or documents and much more.Even sometimes we require to save our Personal or Official Data on these memory cards and thus their Privacy becomes the most Crucial thing for which we usually set up a password for memory card in order to Prevent Unauthorized access to the Stored Information in Memory Cards.But what if you forgot your Memory Card Password ?? – Forgetting the Memory Password can prove to very disastrous for most of the users if some very useful data is stored in their Memory Cards because no company provides any support or software to remove the Password Protection from the Memory Cards.Also you can’t even access any password protected memory card in your Windows PC until you remove the Password Protection from the Memory Card or Format Your Memory Card.So if you are the one facing difficulty in unlocking your Password Protected memory card then don’t worry anymore I am here to help you to get your Problem sorted out.Read the Guide on How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards.

How to Remove Password From Memory Cards – Methods

Till now there are only two Available methods by which you can easily remove Password Protection from your Memory cards which are listed below.

By Formatting Your Memory Card – Not Recommended
By Using FExplorer a Free Utility tool for Symbian Devices. – Recommended
How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards – FExplorer

FExplorer is the best method to Completely Remove Password Protection from your Memory Card without losing your Valuable Data from your memory cards.FExplore Works by Providing you to access to the Memory Card system folder from where you can recover your password from a mmcstore text file which stores the password for your memory card.Follow the below given steps to learn How to Unlock Password Protected Memory Cards without formatting them.

Requirements Important :

FExplorer Work in Only Nokia Symbian S60 1st and 2nd Edition Smartphones


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