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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Make your Computer Welcome You

Do you watch movies? Have you always loved the way how Computers in movies welcome their users by calling out their names? I bet that you too would want to know how you can achieve similar results on your PC and have a computer said welcome.

Then you are at the right place, this article describes exactly how you can make your computer welcome you like this.

With this trick, you can make your Computer welcome you in its computerized voice. You can make your Windows based computer say "Welcome to your PC, Username."

Make Windows Greet you with a Custom Voice Message at Startup

To use this trick, follow the instructions given below:-

  1. Click on Start. Navigate to All Programs, Accessories and Notepad.
  2. Copy and paste the exact code given below.
Dim speaks, speech
speaks="Welcome to your PC, Username"
Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.Speak speaks
     3.  Replace Username with your own name.
     4.  Click on File Menu, Save As, select All Types in Save as Type option, and save the file as Welcome.vbs or "*.vbs".
     5.  Copy the saved file.
     6.  Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows XP) and to C:\Users\ {User-Name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista) if C: is your System drive. AppData is a hidden folder. So, you will need to select showing hidden folders in Folder options to locate it.
     7.  Paste the file.

 Make your Computer Welcome you at startup

Now when the next time you start your computer, Windows will welcome you in its own computerized voice.

Note: For best results, it is recommended to change sound scheme to No Sounds.
You can change the sound scheme to No Sounds by following the steps given below:-
  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Then click on Switch to Classic View.
  3. Then Click on Sounds and Audio Devices.
  4. Then Click on the Sounds Tab.
  5. Select No Sounds from the Sound Scheme option.
  6. If you wish to save your Previous Sound Scheme, you can save it by clicking Yes in the popup menu.
  7. Click on OK.
Change Sound Scheme to No Sounds

Try it yourself to see how it works. In my personal opinion, this is an excellent trick. Whenever I start my PC in front of anybody and the PC welcomes me, the fellow is left wondering how brilliant a computer do I have.

JavaScript Tricks: Edit Websites in Browser (Live)

Imagine a world where you are a God and have ultimate control on what happens and more importantly, how it happens. Seems too good a dream. Now it has come true, at least for the online world.

JavaScript tricks
Using this trick, you will be able to edit any webpage live in your browser as if it was a Wiki and change the details according to your wish. Yes, you read that right. You can edit Google or even Facebook for that matter right in your browser and that too without requiring any technical know-how or getting deep into hacking and cracking.

This is just an example. You can use it for anything like showing wrong traffic stats or for fooling people by showing that someone said something about them on Facebook or Twitter. It depends only on your creativity. But I would advise you to stay ethical and use it for entertainment purposes only.

(Mozilla Firefox does not support this. If you use Firefox, you can use the bookmarklets given at the end of this post. If you use Google Chrome and the code does not seem to work, precede it with "javascript:" without quotes.)

To use this trick, all you need to do is just copy the code given below and paste it in your address bar after you have opened the website you wish to edit. And start editing.

You can capture a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key or by using the Snipping Tool if you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you wish to again make the website non-editable to give a more authentic look, copy and paste the code given below in the address bar after you are done editing (does not work in Firefox).


Or, alternatively you can use the following bookmarklets by dragging them to your Bookmarks bar.

1.  Edit this Website

2.  Done Editing

The editing that you do will however be temporary as it is not server-sided. You can also save the modified website through your browser by File>Save. This works on all common web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

PC Security Tips : Make Computer Secure

Here are some tips which will enable you to make your PC more secure.


1. Never, ever turn off the resident protection of your antivirus even if it decreases performance. Upgrade if necessary.

2. Keep your virus definitions up-to-date. Use the automatic update feature of your anti-virus and try not to ignore the "Do you want to update now" message however often it might pop up.

3. Even if you update regularly and you have not seen any suspicious activity on your PC, do a deep scan at least once a month.

4. Always create an emergency boot disk and keep it in a safe place.

PC Security tips

5. Run a deep scan in safe mode at least once every two months to kill viruses that would otherwise remain hidden.


1. If you are unsure about the alert displayed by your firewall, try searching it on the internet.

2. A firewall is a powerful tool that requires an understanding of how the program works and exactly what it is doing and whether it is secure or not. Reading the help files is extremely important in successful configuration of your firewall.

Computer Security

3. If you are running a third party firewall,be sure to turn off the Windows Firewall.

4. You can temporarily disable a firewall by right clicking the icon in the tray. This is handy when you know a site is one you can trust but your firewall is blocking it. But remember to re-enable it as soon as possible.

5. Read firewall notices carefully when they pop up so that you don't let a bad thing in or prevent good traffic.


1. You should regularly check for updates. Enable the automatic update feature.

2. Remember to do a scan every now and then, or schedule scans if your program allows it. If you don't want to sit that long for scans to complete, use a single folder for all your downloads, then scan only that folder, Windows installation folder and the Registry. Alternately, you can do a quick scan if your program allows it.


1. Be patient with anti-spam software, it will get better over time.

2. Even if it looks that your anti-spam software is working great, periodically check the 'Spam' folder for good mail. None of the anti-spam software is perfect right now.

3. Don't give your anti-spam software too much rules, because it will not learn anything then. It is better if it learns on its own.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Cool Notepad tricks for Windows

Notepad, the text editor that comes bundled in Windows is an excellent tool for text editing. But that is not the only thing for which notepad is famous. It is also famous for its tricks and hacks. Here is a roundup of some of the best and coolest tricks that you can try using Notepad.

Matrix Falling Code Effect - Notepad CMD (.BAT) Tricks

Inspired by the movie Matrix, this falling code trick is extremely popular on social networking websites. Copy and paste the code given below in Notepad and save the file as "Matrix.bat" or *.bat.

@echo off
color 02
echo %random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%%random%
goto tricks

Notepad tricks
Matrix Falling Code Effect - Notepad Trick

Upon running the bat file, you will see the "Matrix falling code" effect.

Make Your Keyboard Type (Any) Message Continuously-VBS Trick

This VBS trick can make any of your friend's keyboard type any message continuously. Open Notepad, copy the code given below and save the file as Tricks.vbs or *.vbs. You will need to restart your computer to stop this. Try this after closing all important programs.

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "This is a Virus. You have been infected."
Send this file to your friends as an email attachment to see the fun.

Notepad Virus

Create a Harmless Funny Virus with Notepad-Continuously eject CD/DVD drives

This VBS trick will create a code which will continuously eject all your connected Optical drives. If you put them back in, it will pop them out again. Copy this code and paste it in Notepad as Virus.vbs or *.vbs.

Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000

Double click to open this file and you will be impressed by this awesome trick.

Make a Personal Diary(Log) with Notepad (Easter Eggs)

Notepad Diary
Notepad Diary
You can use this trick to create a personal log with Notepad which will automatically include the current date and time before your note. To do so, open Notepad and type .LOG in capital letters and press Enter. Save the file. Now, every time you open this file, notepad will automatically insert the current time and date before the note. Just enter your note and save the file each time after making an entry.

All these Notepad tricks are totally harmless and would not harm your PC in any way.  To close any of the VBS trick given, open task manager and close the wscript.exe process. These tricks work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

how to run whats app on nokia s40 devices 100 working

To download whatsapp on your Nokia X2-02
follow below steps:
1)open your browser (like nokia express,uc browse,opera mini)
2)the website opens scroll down and check the model no is nokia X2-02
or not if the model is not nokia X2-02 .to change model click nokia x2-02
,it will be say "enter your phone model number"
then type x2-02 and click on Go.then click on nokia x2-02
now your model is nokia x2-02
3)then in search option type whatsapp and search
4)2 results found
click on the 2 result which is whatsapp signed
then click on download and install
5)after download it will say you this copy of whatsapp version is ok button to upgrade.
After upgrading
it will pop ups " Updating notification updater" just press cancel
button to avoid such pop ups only press once
it works 100%
for more help visit click hear
note if it does not work change your configrationn

Saturday, 28 June 2014

How to Backup Android contacts without Any Application

First of all, before updating your android
device it is vital for you to create a backup of
your contacts so that the probability of losing
your contacts becomes zero. Although, in
most cases it is not necessary but if luck is
not on your side then you might end up losing
all your information like messages and
contacts. Android users have something to
cheer about though as Google has allowed its
Android users to link their accounts with
Gmail. This enables the contacts syncing with
your gmail account. Thus it is understood that
if your phone is linked to your gmail account
than your contacts are safe. In order to check
this, one is required to visit his/her gmail
account. Then, click on the Google logo on
the top left side and select contacts from the
drop down box that appears. If you see your
contacts, then your contacts are backed up by
Google. However, if the list does not appear
then there is something wrong and you are to
take additional steps to ensure that your
contacts are backed up.
One can backup his/her contacts by opening
settings from the apps menu and then open
back-up and reset. All you need to ensure is
that the backup my data option is ticked. If it
is, then your phone will backup the contacts
for you. If it is not checked, then check it
immediately. Backing up contacts ensures that
if your phone is lost or any other situation
that may result in getting a new phone, then
relax, your contacts are safe and sound.
There are also certain apps available for
Android users that enables them to backup
their contacts. One such app is called Super
Backup. It is easily the quickest app for
backing up for Android users. This app
enables users to backup their contacts and
messages so that you never lose your data
again. By default, the backed up data is stored
in internal memory. However, if you are going
to factory reset your phone then it is strongly
recommended that you select memory card as
your default backup folder. Some of the
features of Super Backup include: Creating a
backup of apps on your memory card and
also restore it; backup and restore messages,
contacts and call logs; backup sms
conversations; delete backup data and many
more features.
Here is yet another way to backup Android
1. First of all, open up your contact list.
2. Touch the menu button, and
 a from the
menu that appears select the import/export
3. Then, you will see a list of options for
import and export:
4. Thereafter, select a suitable option
according to your needs and you will backup
your contacts:
The last step involves importing the contacts
to your phone.

How to run java apps on Android phone

In couple of days many People moved from Nokia to android mobiles will really miss their favorite jar/jad (java) 
.  We know Android is much better than java phones but some of java apps and games are really good.
So how to enjoy those java apps and games on Android mobiles.
Lets start:-

now it’s possible with the application " JBED".

What is JBED?

JBED is an Android application which Run Java Games and Apps on Your Android.
JBED is a Java Android Java Emulator, using this application you can run /
you can install .JAR/.JAD/Java/J2ME/MIDP games or apps on Android phones.
Now you can use all of your favorite .JAR application in your phones.

how to run jar files on android:-

1.Download JBED from googleplay store.
2.Install JBED in your Android Install JBED.
3.Launch JBED application. Press menu button and choose SD card.
4.Select your .JAR/.JAD file that you want to install and run
5.Now install the application that you choosen
6.Now open the installed java application to run.By this method we can run jar files on android phones. If you successfully install the JAR application also sometimes you will get some graphical problems but dont worry solution is given below--

* Android should be rooted.

1.Download jbed and place in "system\lib" folder
2.Install the JBED.apk application and don’t open it directly.
3.Restart the mobile, and now try it.


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